Awards & Certificates
Awards & Certificates

ICOMM ensure that all its customers are provided with the best possible service, and the company maintains, at all times, a voluntary commitment to all the groups of interest with whom it operates, thereby maintaining its current growth and profitability levels.

  • Received C-DoT Award as the largest manufacturer of MARR Radios for the year 1992

  • Awarded by the Department of Electronics, Government of India, for Excellence in R&D Electronics in 1993

  • Recipient of the Elcina Award : R&D Achievement for the year 1994

  • Reached the No. 1 position as Private Telecom Manufacturer in the country during 1995

  • Quality Standards

  • Received the DGQA Certification for all Telecom Products and the CEMILAC Certification for Air borne Antennae in 1996

  • Secured 17% equity participation equivalent to US $ 18.7 million by Oppenheimer during 1996

  • Procured the prestigious ISO 9001 Certification during 1997

  • Ranked No. 5 in the top ten private Infrastructure Telecom companies in the country during the year 2000

  • Ranked No. 8 among the top ten network integrators in the country and the prestigious ISO 14001 certification during 2001

  • Received the coveted ISO 9001: 2000 certification and obtained TEC Clearance for 180 Telecom & 20 DGQA/CEMILAC Products in the year 2003


visionTo be the leader in empowering infrastructural progress with technology as a competent, respected & responsible player on the global platform, increasing value to every stakeholder and to become a Responsible Corporate Citizen.
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