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Conductors Unit
ICOMM’s Conductor Unit produces conductors for power transmission lines including ACSR, AAAC and other distribution cables.

ICOMM Cables :

At ICOMM, Cables are designed based on established international practices.

  • Manufactured with solid, stranding in circular and shaped conductor.

  • Meets the requirement of thermal and thermo–mechanical stresses at normal and short circuit continuation.

  • Is available with both thermoplastic & thermosetting insulation.

  • Long life and user friendly applications during emergency and short circuit conditions.

  • Insulation is strictly manufactured and applied in accordance with National and International specifications.

  • Single core cables are armored with special Aluminum alloy strips, thus avoiding magnetic hysteresis.

  • Multicore Cables are provided with galvanized steel wire/strips/tapes.

ICOMM is facilitated with 3 nos of 13 draw wire drawing with microprocessor based controls, maintaining 100% circularity in wires and dancer control wire tension and dual take up.

The outer sheath of the cables is sequentially marked with specifications like Voltage Grade, Cable length and size, Trade Name and Year of manufacture at regular intervals.

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