Facilities & Infrastructure
Research Development
Innovation, the constant commitment to research and development, continuous adoption of next-generation technologies and commercializing them for diverse contexts, unwavering commitment to total quality arrangement and always delivering value with cost-effectiveness… These are the hallmarks of ICOMM in every area of its operation.

And, ICOMM has been the most evident in powering Indian defense in tactical communication technologies taking its telecomm sector to next-gen solutions, Partnering development by bringing the benefits of new technologies in telecomm, power and renewable energy to rural and remote areas and displaying future focused capabilities in research and development and adapting technologies to specific contexts.

The pursuit towards corporate excellence continues with a futuristic roadmap that includes products and solutions that would make the Indian Defense and the country proud, and command recognition globally.

Strengths :

  • Extensive design, test and evaluation Infrastructure

    1. RF, Embedded, FPGA and DSP development tools

    2. PCB Layout design tools

    3. Mechanical design tools
  • Strong management commitment to R & D

  • In-house technology development programmes since inception

  • History of successful commercial exploitation of products developed in-house

  • End-to-end design capabilities

    1. System design

    2. Engineering design

    3. Circuit design
  • Expertise in multiple disciplines

    1. RF

    2. Baseband

    3. Embedded

    4. software and hardware

    5. DSP

    6. FPGA

    7. Optica
visionTo be the leader in empowering infrastructural progress with technology as a competent, respected & responsible player on the global platform, increasing value to every stakeholder and to become a Responsible Corporate Citizen.
ICOMM Projects