ICOMM is renowned for hiring exceptional people and giving them unparalleled opportunities to build their careers and capabilities.

ICOMM is a Company with Conscience, people who joins ICOMM becomes an integral part of it and they become more ASSOCIATES than Employees, as ICOMM treat them as partners in our Business.

The source of ICOMM's energy is always the HUMAN RESOURCE, which is its prime force. It recognizes the inherent strengths of every individual who joins ICOMM and provides them many opportunities to explore unlimited possibilities within themselves to benefit the Organization on one hand and also mould themselves on the other hand.

The Best Talent is always be retained by ICOMM as it is in fact the reason for its continuous growth for the last two decades in the industry.

With three business areas and operations in various countries, ICOMM employees have an unparalleled foundation on which to build their careers, their abilities and their dreams.

We offer our employees challenging, rewarding careers in dynamic businesses. Our people are the architects of the future.



visionTo be the leader in empowering infrastructural progress with technology as a competent, respected & responsible player on the global platform, increasing value to every stakeholder and to become a Responsible Corporate Citizen.
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