Facilities & Infrastructure
Tower Manufacturing Unit
ICOMM is the largest manufacturer of Micro-wave Towers in the Asia and is one of the largest manufacturer of Transmission line Towers in India.

ICOMM’s Tower Manufacturing Unit is the largest manufacturer of Telecom Towers in the world. The Unit manufactures towers of various types including Angular and Tubular, Ground Based and Roof Top towers in different shapes such as Square Angular, Square Tubular, Triangular Tubular and Triangle Angular.

Our Tower Manufacturing Unit offers a wide range of towers including:

Telecom Towers

  • Ground Based Towers up to 200M height

  • Roof Top Towers up to 30M height

  • Guyed Masts up to 60M height

  • Self Supporting Masts up to 21M height

  • With Wind Speeds up to 220 Km/h

  • Ground Based & Roof Top Towers in Square Angular and Triangular Tubular construction

Transmission Towers

ICOMM has wide range capabilities in design, manufacture and construct transmission line systems. We also expertise in designing Microwave towers in accordance with national and international standards.

ICOMM is equipped with latest and internationally validated software like PLS-TOWER, i Towers & PLS CADD for design and analysis of Microwave and Transmission line towers for preparation of most competitive designs. With the past experience and sophisticated software the team is able design all kinds of Transmission towers up to 1200kV Multi circuit Double circuit and single circuit. Micro wave towers of height up to 300m and guyed masts of over 300m.

  • Transmission Line Towers & Accessories up to 765 KV Lines

  • Substation Structures up to 400 KV

Manufacturing Facilities

  • CNC Machines (5 nos), Hydraulic and mechanical power presses with an annual installed capacity of20000 MT/Month

  • In-house steel rolling mill with production capacity of 10000M.T per month (From L45x45x4 to L200x200x20 both MS & HT) and also a Hot dip galvanized facility with a capacity of 10000M.T per month.

  • In-house Design capacity to execute any type of tower from site preparation to commissioning stage.

  • Well planned raw material yard to stack both Different grades of steel separately

  • Huge proto assembly is available, which can accommodate 10 proto assemblies simultaneously.

  • Over the last 20 years, Our Towers Business unit infrastructure, human resources and product range have been substantially increased to meet the newer market demands.

  • Our design team consisting of very qualified and efficient people, having a wide range of experience in Towers designing and proto developments for various customers. ICOMM posses it’s own designs and also designs the towers based on customer requirements, like Antenna Loading, Wind Speed and factor of safety.

  • Our towers designs are approved by SERC, IIT Madras and BSNL and also accredited with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certifications.
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