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Telecom & Defense Manufacturing Unit
Powered by the most advanced research and design capabilities in tactical communication technologies, ICOMM today stands among the select Indian enterprises to work on the spearheading growth of advanced telecommunications in rural India through indigenous development to the latest optical transmission products and next-gen wireless and wired access solutions.

With its capabilities to innovate and deliver quality products and solutions, ICOMM covers the entire spectrum in the communications sector and its in house backward and forward integrations with auxiliary and ancillary products and solutions backed by strong R&D capabilities allows ICOMM to support all kinds of customer requirement.

In Telecom sector ICOMM is primarily involved in providing Active and Passive solutions like manufacturing Telecom Wireless & Wire-line Equipments, CDMA Terminals, Wimax Solutions, Towers, Shelters, Antennae, Repeaters etc and Network commissioning Services for CDMA & GSM operators and OEM's. ICOMM has a complete team of experienced & qualified personnel to execute projects with world class project management skills in building the CDMA & GSM Networks.

Telecom Passive Infrastructure Services offerings :

  • Design, Manufacture and Construction of GSM & CDMA Tower and Shelters

  • Total Cell Cite including Civil Constructions with the necessary infrastructure

  • Design and construction of the foundation for Ground Based and Rooftop Towers

  • Site Leasing and Acquisition

  • Wireless Engineering Solutions ( RF Survey, Route and Frequency Planning, Link Budget and Propagation Loss Study

  • Planning and System Engineering

  • Fiber Optic Networks

  • Communication Shelters and Associated Services

  • Installation and Commissioning of Communication Systems

  • Interactive Mobile Solutions

  • Project Management

  • Operations & Maintenance

Telecom Active Infrastructure Equipment

ICOMM manufactures various products like CDMA Infra equipment & terminals, DWDM, MLLN & STM 64 etc., in collaboration with various technology partners like Tellabs, Hisense, Agilis, and UTSTARCOM to supply to major telecom operators in the country as well as in the abroad.


ICOMM is poised for being supplier for comprehensive range of Defense Electronics & Radio systems which includes:

  • Access Radios (FHRR/WIMAX/PICO BTS for GSM&UMTS)

  • Transport Radios (SDH Digital Microwave radios)

  • ECCM Radios for Battle fields

  • Digital Control harness for ARMY Tanks

  • Internetworking Gateway for Legacy radio & IP networks
visionTo be the leader in empowering infrastructural progress with technology as a competent, respected & responsible player on the global platform, increasing value to every stakeholder and to become a Responsible Corporate Citizen.
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