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Our EPC business is divided in to four segments :
  • Telecom

  • Power

  • Infrastructure for Power & Telecom

  • Water & Waste Water and Oil & Gas

EPC Power

Under EPC Power segment, we provide power transmission and distribution services.

In our EPC power transmission business, we design, engineer and procure the materials for the construction of up to 765kV power transmission lines. We have the ability to design, engineer and construct transmission lines for up to 1,200kV and substations up to 765kV.

our EPC power distribution business focuses on design, engineering and procurement for constructing electricity distribution networks.

EPC Infrastructure for Power & Telecom

We design, engineer and manufacture power transmission towers, telecom towers, shelters for defence and telecom applications and custom designed special steel structures, including wind mill towers, television and radio towers.

EPC Telecom

ICOMM is involved in designing, engineering, procurement and erection of telecom towers, telecom shelters and related passive equipment, such as diesel generator sets, switch mode power supplies, batteries and air conditioners.

EPC Water & Waste Water and Oil&Gas

In our EPC water and waste water business we lay water pipelines for the supply of drinking water and industrial water and construct underground drainage systems, sewage treatment plants and water transmission and distribution systems.

visionTo be the leader in empowering infrastructural progress with technology as a competent, respected & responsible player on the global platform, increasing value to every stakeholder and to become a Responsible Corporate Citizen.
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