Renewable Energy
Customised Solar Solutions
ICOMM offers customized packaged solutions to satisfy specific Electrical Energy requirements for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial purposes. These systems can provide reliable uninterrupted power for Households, Educational Institutions, Rural Health Centers, Shopping Complexes, Office Buildings and Industries.

ICOMM designs and manufactures the power packs as per the needs of Telecom, Oil & Gas, SCADA, Railway Signaling, Telemetry applications through customized power packs. These Power Packs are used to supply power in critical areas as a continuous supplemental power source or during power outages.

ICOMM also have the vast experience in executing very large grid and off grid connected PV Power Plants.

Benifits :

  • Reduction in Diesel generator consumption

  • Economical & cost-effective

  • Reliable source of power for remote sites

  • Domestic Power Packs and Industrial Power Plants
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ICOMM Projects