Health Safety & Environment
Health Safety & Environment
  • The policy gives standing decision for prevention, control and elimination of accidents, risks, health and environmental hazards at projects and plants located at different places.

  • E.H.S. is not only a concern for the Management and it also the responsibility of every employee to follow Environment, Safety and health systems and giving maximum importance to E.H.S. Policy.

  • Co-coordinating the activities of the company and of its contractors working in the company's premises for the implementation and maintenance of safe systems of work to comply the statutory conditions with regard to the E.H.S. of the employees.

  • Organizing for collection, analysis, and presentation of data on accidents, sickness and incidents involving personal injuries or injuries to health with a view to take corrective remedial and preventive actions.

  • Adopting and promoting industry the best E.H.S. practices to avert accidents and improve E, H&S performance by ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

  • Organizing the EHS audits by internal and external agencies for total loss control so that customer and stake holder confidence is safe guarded.

  • Providing training and retraining to all level of employees on Environment, Health and safety with necessary PPE to avoid accidents and to show prompt response for any type of emergencies.

  • Management's concern and commitment to Environment, health and safety at design and planning level and giving importance in maintaining all facilities, processes and procedures to secure sustained safety, health and environment protection.
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