Facilities & Infrastructure
Facilities & Infrastructure

As an EPC company backed by manufacturing strengths, we are able to offer comprehensive solution to the customer. We have four manufacturing facilities spread across three states in India.

Our tower, shelter, conductor, transformer and solar facilities are spread across two facilities in Hyderabad. We run three manufacturing facilities for communication equipments; at Hyderabad; Yanam, Puducherry; and Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

1. Tower manufacturing Unit

ICOMM’s Tower Manufacturing Unit manufactures Telecom towers of various types including Angular and Tubular, Ground Based and Roof Top towers in different shapes such as Square Angular, Square Tubular, Triangular Tubular and Triangle Angular. ICOMM also offers Micro-wave Towers and over head Power Transmission line Towers.

2. Shelter Manufacturing Unit

ICOMM offers shelters with lightweight, self-supporting, metal sandwich construction and with special profiles. They are extremely robust, corrosion resistant and are water and dust proof. These Shelters constituent panels are made using state-of -art high pressure machinery involving CFC free and ozone friendly technology.

3. Telecom & Defence Manufacturing Unit

Powered by advanced research and design capabilities in tactical communication technologies, ICOMM today stands among the select Indian enterprises to work on the spearheading growth of advanced telecommunications in rural India through indigenous development to the latest optical transmission products and next-gen wireless and wired access solutions.

4. Solar Manufacturing Unit

ICOMM’s Solar Division offers one-stop customized renewable energy solutions to meet all energy needs. Our Solar Division also provides clean, reliable, affordable solar energy solutions for the global market through the optimized distribution channels. We develop the products to satisfy Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utility Scale projects.

5. Conductors Unit

Our conductors and cables manufacturing facility, produces conductors for power transmission lines including ACSR, AAAC and other distribution cables.

6. Transformers Manufacturing Unit

ICOMM’s Transformer Manufacturing division manufactures 16KVA and 25 KVA distribution transformers which mainly caters to our distribution projects.

7. Antenna manufacturing Unit

We have over two decades of experience in manufacturing antennas for various customers from telecom and defence sectors. Numerous awards and honors have marked the odyssey of ICOMM from a specialist in antenna and radio masts to a complete radio solutions provider and manufacturer in telecom and defense sectors.

8. Repair & Maintenance

We offer repair and maintenance services through our Customer Services Division. We have services centers spread across various statesin India.

9. R & D

Innovation, the constant commitment to research and development, continuous adoption of next-generation technologies and commercializing them for diverse contexts, unwavering commitment to total quality arrangement and always delivering value with cost-effectiveness. These are the hallmarks of ICOMM in every area of its operation.

10. Testing Facilities

ICOMM attributes its success, in consolidating its phenomenal growth over the years, to its unwavering commitment towards the basic foundations of the strategic plan, which includes: customer satisfaction, internationalization, profitability, innovation, human resource development, strong manufacturing and EPC strengths and social involvement.

visionTo be the leader in empowering infrastructural progress with technology as a competent, respected & responsible player on the global platform, increasing value to every stakeholder and to become a Responsible Corporate Citizen.
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